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 Stained Glass Collection
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Wine Bottle
Kyle's trademark combination of acrylic paint and stained glass adds depth, texture and a new perspective to the world of art. Kyle uses translucent stained glass in some of his paintings to allow the bold colors of his art work to be viewable behind the glass.  When using translucent glass, Kyle creates space between the glass and the canvas, which gives the painting a 3 dimensional look.  Kyle spends a great deal of time ensuring that his glass is securely fastened to each painting.
Kyle actually incorporates real wine bottles and wine glasses in his paintings.   Sometimes Kyle will paint the background to resemble the wine label. Each wine bottle and wine glass are securely fastened to each painting. Click on the Wine Bottle Picture to the left to order your own custom painting.
As you will see in these paintings, Kyle's unique painting style is different from any other artist.

Cigar Box 
Kyle uses pieces of Cigar Boxes for his Canvas to create unique one-of-kind abstract paintings that can hang on a wall or sit on a desk or table.  These Cigar Box paintings are very afrordable and make great gifts.
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