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Taste of Purple & Gold I

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Glass of Bonello 
Red Diamond
Glass of Cab 
Taste of Purple & Gold II
Taste of Purple & Gold III
Taste of Purple & Gold IV
Taste of Purple & Gold V
Here's How To Order

Email me at                                                   and tell me a little bit about your wine bottle and if there are any specifics you want to see in your  custom painting.  You will quickly receive an email with your personalized quote and expected completion date.  When you are ready to order, I will email you a PayPal Invoice for half of the cost.

Once you have enjoyed your wine & have an empty bottle that you want me to use in  your painting, email me  and I will tell you where to ship your empty bottle.  We will also discuss colors and design options for your background.  If you would rather  use a common bottle of wine that I can  purchase at a local store - I have no problem buying and enjoying  it for you and I will just add the cost to your final payment.

Once I receive your empty bottle, I will email you a PayPal invoice for the remaining balance 

Sit Back, Relax, Sip on some Wine and I will complete and ship you your Uniique One of a Kind Wine   Bottle Painting  that is sure to be a conversation piece in your home or business.

I attach a real wine bottle and wine glass to a wooden 1.5" thick gallery wrapped painted canvas, which is 24" Wide by 32" Long.  I attach the bottle & glass to the canvas in a way that they will never fall off and look like they are floating in mid-air.   I then use thick paint  & a few other secrets to make it look like the wine is being poured into the wine glass.  I will provide the real wine glass and I paint the sides of the canvas so there is no need for  a frame.  When your friends comment on your new painting, you will be able to tell them your specail story about that bottle of wine, which will make your painting that more special.

I have and can also incoroporate empty liquor bottles and drink glasses into the same type of painting - in fact I have done a Martini Painting using 2 different liquor bottles and a real martini glass.  If you are interested in something like this, email me and  we will figure your painting idea out  together.

Below are some Samples of Wine Bottle Paintings that I have done for other Customers.  As you can see, no 2 are the same, even when doing a series.
Taste of Purple & Gold VII
Taste of Purple & Gold VIII
Taste of Purple & Gold IX
Taste of Purple & Gold VI
Glass of Fleur de Lis
Taste of Louisiana Football
This Could Be a  Photo of YOUR Custom Wine Bottle Painting!
Step 1: 
Step 2: 
Step 3: 
Step 4: 
French Market Bistro
Side View
To Show Depth
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Personalized By Using Your Empty Wine Bottle